Clipping Curly Hair for Volume

Clipping is one of the most valuable styling methods to incorporate into your routine if you struggle with your hair sticking to your scalp, or seeing scalp through your finished style. The reasons for clipping your roots are many, but here are the best reasons:

  • It will release the hair of its own weight so that your wave/curl pattern can start up closer to the scalp. 
  • It helps the air to flow through the hair for a faster drying time
  • If gives more root volume to wavy and curly hair, which usually lays quite flat to the head when wet or dry when left to its own devices
  • Can reduce the look of cowlicks and give more lift in your crown

Often coily curl patterns can forgo the root clipping and still achieve plenty of volume because the closer the curl pattern is the to roots and the tighter the curl, the more volume a person naturally achieves. Having said that, ANYONE with texture in their hair can clip and see benefit.

Bigger clips tend...

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