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Meg Telford, Kingston, ON

"As a life long curly girl, I’ve paid BIG bucks for haircuts and products for my whole life, none of which worked for my hair. Discovering Krista Leavitt’s mastery has been a game changer for me. Her curl course, cuts, the time she spends dedicated to making sure I am comfortable recreating the curls at home, accurate product recommendations, and her VAST amount of curly expertise have been worth every last penny I’ve paid to see her. Each visit, I leave with bouncy happy hair, no hair elastic on stand-by, I might add! The following days, I delight to discover that I can make those curls happen myself by applying what Krista has taught me.
Mostly, I’ve learned, with Krista’s help, that I love my curly hair. I can’t recommend her services enough!"

 Lyne Savage - Toronto, ON

“Krista has a real gift for figuring out hair and what works with it. She listens to what you know about your hair and understands that not every head fits into a certain type.

I wasn’t a rookie to curly hair care when I went to see Krista but she helped me understand my hair a little better and had plenty of suggestions on how to better control it and improve the texture.

I also love that she has an “after care” club for any lingering questions or issues. And she always responds.

I especially loved the one on one session instead of balancing 2 or 3 clients at a time. That was unexpected and great.”

Laura Hill - Hamilton, ON

Krista Leavitt truly is THE curl specialist! She is incredibly knowledgeable and thorough, explaining every aspect of what she does during your curl class.  Krista carefully thought through and discussed every aspect of my curly hair routine. She spent so much time with me on my hair, never making me feel rushed or pressured to purchase specific products. This was hands-down the best haircut and salon experience I have ever had. Most importantly I left the salon happy with my hair cut and secure in the knowledge that I could replicate my results at home and tweak them as needed with Krista's wonderful input. Overall an amazing experience. I would recommend Krista to any curly girl I meet!  (photo credit - Noah's Ark Photography)


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