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Glad you found me! Below is a quick layout where you can find what you’re looking for. I'd love to start working together in-person or from a distance.





Wavy, Curly,

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If you want to improve your naturally textured hair, you've landed in the right place. I've developed many different ways for you to work with me online and in person.



Choose Your Own Adventure



Take a step-by-step wavy or curly hair online course with group support



Grab a personalized virtual one-to-one session



Score help finding curly hair products meant for your hair



Get some free wavy and curly hair advice



Online Courses


With many people expressing interest in me helping with their hair who lived outside of my local area, creating an online course based on what I teach in the salon just made sense. I developed online courses that offer step-by-step videos and ongoing support through a private Facebook group.

I’m able to demonstrate on video the same techniques I share with my salon clients.




Online Courses





One to One Virtual Curl Coaching Class


Sessions are now available for wavy, curly, coily people worldwide, covering whatever you need help with related to your hair. My superpower is troubleshooting your routine, products and carving out a routine that will increase your chances of success and reduce your frustration with your hair. 

Through a full Zoom consultation, we assess where you are at in your curly journey, your lifestyle needs and desires for your hair. Together, we go step-by-step through your current routine, hair products and styling techniques and troubleshoot areas where you might consider trying something new. I will give recommendations on products might work well in your hair, but ultimately I try to help you use up what products you already have in your possession. Based on my many years working as a Curl Specialist on all hair types, I can give you real professional help so you can better understand your hair, when it might be beneficial to try a new styling technique or change your product application methods. I help you understand why certain types of products are either not necessary or not intended for your hair type.

As we go through your questions, you will have some ah-ha moments and learn a lot about working with your hair and what it truly needs. Sessions are recorded, so you can review the information at you convenience. I'll do my best to show you the techniques I recommend for you and give you guidance where you need it. At the end of our session, you will leave with a ton of suggestions and a "tweaked" hair routine that you can start experimenting with at home. You should leave feeling empowered, more certain of what you need to do to reach your hair goals, and realistic expectations of what your hair can do. 

Let me help you reach your full wave and curl potential. 




One to One Virtual Class


Virtual Curl Coaching sessions are now available for wavy, curly, coily persons worldwide! Topics covered are totally led by you. My superpower is troubleshooting your routine and products. Let me help you reach your full curl potential.




Online Store


Visit Krista's online product store to see the many Canadian brands she carries. You'll find products for wavy, curly and coily hair as well as a good selection of accessories to help you with your styling




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