Tips to Achieve More Volume

tips for volume Mar 04, 2021

Biggest tip ever! It's all about that lean!

When I coach clients in my salon and in my online course, I am always getting them to LEAN much farther than they are at home. This one tip can make a huge difference in your finished style. 

The more you lean - and I’m talking LEEEEAAAAAAN - when you're shampooing and conditioning, applying your styling products, scrunching and diffusing; the more volume and curl pattern rotation you’ll see when you’re done styling! You can lean EVEN FARTHER to the side than Miss V is doing in this picture...the more you can get the side of your head parallel to the floor, the better.

Just before you're ready to rinse out your conditioner, be sure to flip upside-down and rake your fingers through your hair from root to end as this will also lift the hair off your scalp. LEAN with your ear parallel to the floor while applying your products side to side and when scrunching. You can even do some more scrunching upside-down, which will also pull your roots away from your head and will help your curl pattern start closer to the roots in your finished style.  

When putting your hair into your t-shirt towel, it's better when you lean your curls down into it. Picture doing a summersault head first into your towel. You want the hair to end up right on the top of your head, with all your curls squished between your head and the towel. The longer you leave the towel on your head, the more the roots will stick back to your scalp again, so don't leave it on too long!

When your hair is lifted off the scalp, it also makes clipping WAY easier; it’s like the curls are showing you where to put your clips! 

Be sure when diffusing to also lean side to side first, and as the hair starts to dry more you can then slowly flip upside-down.  When the hair is 100% dry, break your product cast and fluff the guessed it...side-to-side and upside-down. Add a 90 degree lean into your routine and let me know what happens.  

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Xo Krista 

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