Curl Friendly Product Ingredients

ingredients Oct 21, 2020

Here's some tips on ingredients that will help you sort through your cupboard to find out what's best for your hair.  You can even print this list use it to take shopping with you. Here are my best tips to keep in mind when you are choosing products and looking at labels.

1. Avoid sulfates in your shampoos

Sulfates are harsh foaming detergents that are found in many commercial shampoos and dish detergents. They can be extremely drying for curly hair, so choose sulfate-free shampoos. Sulfates contain “sulfate” somewhere in the ingredient name (usually). Also, keep in mind that there are some cleansers that are as harsh as sulfates but are not sulfates. If you decide to use a shampoo, avoiding sulfates is best. Sulfates are also difficult to remove off the scalp, so remember you need to scrub to clean your scalp, but also scrub while rinsing your hair to help remove them fully from the hair. Just rinsing out your shampoo isn’t enough.

Here is a list of sulfates...

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