Webinar 2: The Moisture Misconception

If you're looking for help to understand how to add moisture and softness to your wavy, curly and coily hair, you'll want to watch this webinar with Dr. Susan Walker and I. It’s filled to the brim with curly hair education on the topic of moisture, specifically speaking to humidity, glycerin, oils, and so much more.  There’s information on what ingredients will seal in the moisture and keep out the humidity.

If you’d like to catch the replay, grab yourself a cup of tea or glass of wine and set aside some time to educate yourself on the science around moisture and caring for your hair.  You will come away with great tips on how to manage your waves and curls, and learn what you can do to get it moisturized and KEEP it moisturized. 

Also, I’ve written two articles for CURL Magazine that I’m looking forward to you reading.  If you haven’t subscribed to this digital (and in print) magazine, definitely do it! ...

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Webinar 1: The Protein Misconception

If you’re as confused as every other curly girl out there about “protein”, then you are not alone. Dr. Susan Walker and I filmed a webinar on this very topic that you won't want to miss. 

You’ll be taken through a full presentation with Q&A on proteins, protein sensitivity, and so much more.  This was originally done live, but we’ve recorded it because we knew it would just be so valuable and jam packed with information you need to hear.  The goal with anything I publish, is to always help educate others about naturally curly and textured hair.


Here’s a little bio about the both of us if you’re new to my blog:

Susan is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and certified Trichologist. She is the Founder and Creative Director of the Earthtones Naturals product line, a premium Canadian hair and beauty product line line of formulated to address many of the needs unique to women with naturally curly and kinky hair....

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