How Water Quality Affects Curly Hair


You may never have thought about it before, but water quality greatly affects how your hair turns out every wash day. If you want to guarantee the best turnout on your wash day, your cleansing routine may need to change a few times a month. The water type we should be most concerned with is hard water, although water that is too soft can definitely affect your hair too.If you aren't sure what kind of water you have, you can contact a local water softener and treatment business that will often test it for you.  

Have you noticed your hair feeling dry and brittle lately?

Have you noticed how your hair does better (or worse) when you're at the cottage, on vacation or at a friends house? 

Is it feeling or looking weighed down?

Have you noticed more frizz than usual?

Do you feel a sticky feeling to your hair often when its dry? 

If so, you MAY have been met with hard water!

Here’s an real life client example of a client who is experiencing hard...

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