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I educate wavy, curly and coily individuals and professional Hair Stylists in the art of caring for wavy, curly and coily hair.  

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After struggling with frizz my entire life, I went to cosmetology school in 2002 thinking I would learn how to tame my own unruly hair while I learned to beautify others.

But, the traditional methods taught to stylists – wet cuts, straighteners, round brushes, and blow dryers – were intended to smooth curly hair not enhance it.

Sleek, straight hair was the main definition of beauty shared with Hair Stylists...

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I'm a professional Hair Stylist of 18 years, and a curl specialist for the last 8. I inherited my waves from my Mama, but only discovered them later in life. I am an experienced Canadian military wife, Mama to 3 kids and one doggo. I run 3 businesses myself; an online store, a salon and digital courses. I love hot yoga & 90's hip hop and learning new things.

In 2002, I went to cosmetology school thinking I would learn how to tame my own unruly hair while learning how to make others look and feel beautiful.

Students were taught to smooth and control the hair and to make it go where we wanted it to go – blow outs with round brushes, roller sets and using hot tools made hair shiny and sleek. We were never taught how to let the hair do what it naturally wants to. The eurocentric beauty mindset we learned at the time was that straight and smooth was best, and that natural texture was something to be eliminated...and nothing much has changed since then.

I worked another 10 years as a traditional stylist until one day I had an Oprah ah-ha moment while reading a book. 

" Where there's frizz, there's a curl waiting to happen"

- Lorraine Massey

Through experimenting with what I had learned in that book, I discovered my wave potential and felt upset about why I had not learned these techniques in hair school. I began using what I had learned in styling my own hair on my clients and sought out curl specific training so I could help my clients love the hair they were born with. Inspired by clients' newfound joy and freedom in wearing their naturally wavy, curly and coily hair, I dedicated myself to becoming a curl specialist. Helping others feel the same happiness that I had felt from my own hair transformation became my calling.

In 2013, I opened a private boutique salon where I spend one-to-one time with each client in teaching them how to care for and style their hair. Our first session is no fewer than three hours and includes a dry cut with hands-on education, so clients can maintain and style at home with confidence. The skills you leave with will last forever.

Clients say their experience is truly life changing. I want you to have that same opportunity.

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Training and Achievements


I am constantly updating my education in curly hair by attending seminars and trainings all over the United States and Canada.

In 2019/2020 I was one of four Featured Stylists for CURL Magazine. I also served on the Advisory Board and the Stylist Panel. I continue to write articles educating the curly community about styling and maintaining curly hair.

First place Achievement award for Highest marks in Cosmetology school - 2003

Licensed Professional - 2003

Red Seal Certification - 2004

Curly Hair Artistry Training - 2013

DevaCurl Inspired Stylist - Level 1, 2013

Nominated for Curly Hair Artistry ‘Artist of the Year’ - 2014 & 2016

DevaCurl Advanced Stylist - Level 2, 2015

Ontario College of Trade Certificate - 2015 to present

Named Canada’s Top Curl Specialist by NaturallyCurly.com - 2015

Head Shape Matters Online Course - 2017

Head Shape Matters Certified Stylist Course - 2018

My classes are listed on the Cosmetology Association of NB board website as trusted resources for online learning0202

My classes will count towards a Masters license for stylists in the Cosmetology Association of NS, as well as listed on their board website

Cut it Kinky Online Course - 2021


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