Clipping Curly Hair for Volume

Clipping is one of the most valuable styling methods to incorporate into your routine if you struggle with your hair sticking to your scalp, or seeing scalp through your finished style. The reasons for clipping your roots are many, but here are the best reasons:

  • It will release the hair of its own weight so that your wave/curl pattern can start up closer to the scalp. 
  • It helps the air to flow through the hair for a faster drying time
  • If gives more root volume to wavy and curly hair, which usually lays quite flat to the head when wet or dry when left to its own devices
  • Can reduce the look of cowlicks and give more lift in your crown

Often coily curl patterns can forgo the root clipping and still achieve plenty of volume because the closer the curl pattern is the to roots and the tighter the curl, the more volume a person naturally achieves. Having said that, ANYONE with texture in their hair can clip and see benefit.

Bigger clips tend work on thicker, high density hair. Individuals with low density, fine hair may benefit from using a smaller type pin curl clips as larger clips can sometimes be too heavy in the hair and flop over.  I always like to dry the roots a little but before attempting to clip, as it's really hard to clip hair that is soaking wet. 

I have a few videos here and here on my You Tube channel about clipping for you to view. Inside my online course, 'Krista Leavitt- Curl Specialist's Wave & Curl Foundations' and private Facebook group that accompanies the course, I go in-depth on clipping.  

There are so many clipping techniques out there, but here are a few to start:

  • O-Clipping
  • Rainbow Clipping
  • Double Rainbow Clipping
  • Glamour Clipping
  • Cross Clipping
  • Piggyback clipping (that one is my technique)
  • Directional clipping (all clips facing the same direction)
  • Jaw Clips Technique
  • Clipping from Underneath

(Example of Rainbow Clipping)

For the record let me state...There is no wrong way to clip, as long as YOU’RE happy with the results!

Personally, I don’t feel like my hair is completely styled unless I’ve clipped the roots.  Once you're used to the look, it's hard to go back to not clipping!

Here’s a picture to show you the difference in my own hair when I don't clip my roots, versus when I do. Lots more root volume when I make the effort. 


I am just saying...if you’re not already clipping, you may want to start…

If your hair is completely dry and your roots look wonky from your clipping attempts, you can always dampen your roots and try again the same day! Some people just can't or don't want to clip and that's okay!  If you still want volume and don't want to clip, check out my blog article on 'Simple Hacks For Volume' for more ideas.

And if you can't quite get the hang of it, please check out my online course or book a One-to-One Virtual Curl Coaching session with me so I can help you figure it out. 

Happy Experimenting and be sure to come back and tell me how you made out with clipping. I am a forever student and always learning so I can help others.  If you found this blog helpful,  please share this article!

xo Krista 

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