How To Refresh Wavy And Curly Hair

A great refresh CAN happen.  If you haven't been successful yet, try my refreshing method below. The secret you've been likely missing is smaller sections and using more water! Many people mist water from a spray bottle at the entire head, scrunch and wonder why they have frizz. My method will guarantee better results than that!

You can use this method any day of the week between washes. The more blown apart your curls are, the more water you will need to apply during the process to bring them back together.  Refreshing will NEVER get your clumps looking as big as wash day. I just want to state that fact so you won't be expecting that end results. What doing this refreshing method WILL do is get your curls defined and you're able to go another day without washing!

Note: If your roots are oily, make sure to use a dry shampoo before you start my method below. 

1). Start by sectioning your hair. I usually refresh my hair using 4-5 sections, working my way up my head starting at the nape. Once you have the hair at your nape ready and the rest of the hair clipped up.  You can start. 

2).  In this process, most people will want to be sure to leave the roots dry, as we are only looking at wetting the midshaft and ends. With a spray bottle (this one is my favourite), you will want to dampen the midshaft of your hair and continue down the section to finally SOAK the ends. I lean side to side for this process as I am refreshing, depending on what side of the head I am working on. If you have really frizzy hair or it's been completely messed up, you may want to dampen the root area in your refreshing process. 

3). Once the hair is wet to your liking, using prayer hands press down over the hair to calm the frizz and push the water deeper inside the hair shaft. If your hair needs more product, now is the time to add it. I often add watered down product like a mousse or a light gel.  If you need to detangle, you can now do so with fingers, a wide tooth comb or a brush until the hair feels smooth. If you need to add more water, feel free to do so.  It's important that the hair is wet enough to get that smooth feeling.  You can then scrunch the hair up gently to reintroduce the curls.  Work your way up the head until all sections of hair have been refreshed with this method. 

4). Once your whole head is complete, you can spritz your roots a bit damp and don't be shy to add more water over the mid-shaft and ends if you see they need it. You can clip your roots for volume now (or use my pick trick).

5). Your next step is to dry your hair just like you normally would on wash day, whatever your preferred method is. Personally, I like to diffuse because it gives my waves more of a boost but you could certainly air dry or hood dry until your hair is complete.

6). Your last step is breaking the product cast when the hair has completely dried. Often I use a few pumps of this dry oil on my hands when I break my cast. Now is the time to fluff your hair and massage your root area if you like volume. I like to also add volume to my roots by using some of these products. You can certainly let your cast break by leaving it alone and it will come out naturally throughout the day; doing this will often extend your time between washes too.

I hope you give this a try and when you do, be sure to come back and leave me some feedback on whether this worked for you or what tweaks you made to it to make it work better for your hair type.  I am always and forever a student hoping to help others love the hair they were given.

xo Krista

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