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Uncategorized Oct 21, 2020


As curly girls, wear our hair in it’s natural state, whether it’s loose wave or tight coils.  Maybe we’ve been on the search for the perfect product, the perfect routine to make our curls pop over the time of our curly journey.   Here’s a tough question though…what if you’ve exhausted all your efforts and resources and you’re just not getting the results you hoped for?  Do you feel the pull to do something drastic because you’re so frustrated with your natural textures?   

My Curly Hair Artist friend, Melissa Stites says, “… we need to embrace all the multiple textures within one head of hair.  ‘Healthy hair’ IS a curl type to be embraced and that’s a beautiful thing…it’s incredibly freeing!  It’s time to get off the search to try and ‘fix’ our hair”.  Most curly girls have more than one curl shape on their heads and thats completely normal, and there’s no real way of fixing it.  Peace of mind comes with acceptance of what you were given naturally.

Your hair texture is YOUR hair texture.  You and your stylist can do things to try and enhance it; but it’s possible that no product, method of product application or treatment will change what natural texture you have, and we are telling you it is okay.  It’s better than okay… YOUR CURLS ARE PERFECT just the way they are!  If you want to change your curls for a different look, you can try these ideas below:

– wavy, curly and coily girls can diffuse their hair dry to get a tighter rotation and more bounce in their curls, and look for products with curl enhancers (aka ingredients like magnesium sulfate which can shrink curls tighter) and can scrunch or diffuse to shrink curls and get more volume.  Touching a lot while diffusing can equal bigger hair, and aiming your blower at your scalp while drying your curls (without a diffuser on the end) and stretching your roots out can make for more volume and length.  Anyone can also can also try the ‘maximum hydration method’ and try to get more definition.  Raking in product to increase length and definition, hood drying to set that length longer, and adding clips to the bottom of curls to keep them stretched until hair dries so it remains longer are all options for gaining length. For tighter coils, adding water after your products are all applied and then shaking your head vigorously can give you more definition too!

As long as hair is healthy and moisturized, it’s beautiful just the way it is.  An “S” shaped curl pattern with no coil or definition of it’s own, IS a curl type in and of itself.  The S shape is also a precursor to a Z shape…nothing will make it rotate into a coil/ringlet unless you manipulate the hair by creating protective style like a two-strand twist.  Curly Hair Artists see the most challenging textures and we do our best to give you what you are hoping for; but most times it isn’t about us being able to transform what God gave you!  What you will see when we are done IS your natural texture.  The important thing is for your hair to be healthy.  How you get there is what we can help you with; showing you which products to use, how to use them and how to get the most out of them.  What you do leave with is a great shape, (with as much definition as we can muster), and feeling more confident with your hair type.


Figuring out on your own which products to use is sometimes difficult and draining on your wallet, and adds to your frustration you are feeling with your hair texture.   A Curl Specialist can help narrow it down for you by explaining your texture, porosity, density, etc.; which will save you time and money in the end.  We can also help you understand your hair texture…there’s no number, letter or word that will tell you what products to use (notice the chart above has no labels); that comes with knowing your porosity, density and the possibility of what your texture CAN do.  We are dedicated to helping people of texture love their natural hair!  We are so passionate about what we do; let us help you love your natural textures.

Yours in curls,

Krista xxx

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