Are You Ready To Increase Your Income, Attract Loyal Clients And Have New Clients Waiting To Work With You? 


Wouldn't it be nice if clients SOUGHT you out, PAID you a premium for your services, and REFERED you to everyone they know?

When you can style a curly client's hair so well that clients can't stop looking in the mirror, there's a good chance you'll soon become fully booked AND new clients will be lining up to work with you.

I've created a comprehensive online video course on how to style wavy, curly, super curly and tight coiled hair to make learning the techniques easy for you.

This course is everything you need to learn about styling naturally textured hair and fills the gap in your traditional training.

My online course is 19 videos with related and downloadable guides covering styling techniques for every curly hair type you'll see in your chair. Updates will be added at no additional cost to you, as new techniques and methods are created.

A Comprehensive Course To Help Your Business

The course is designed so you can do it at your own pace while you learn about this important service to retain curly hair clients and attract new ones.

It will give you a simple, actionable roadmap and step-by-step instructions on how to implement advanced styling skills beautifully behind the chair.

My online styling course for Hair Stylists includes:

  • Instant access to 19 video tutorials of step-by-step techniques that cover all curl types

  • A certificate of course completion so you can have the proof when you market your new skills

But that's not all. I also include multiple bonuses, so you have all the tools you need to become a master at styling curly hair. 

Those bonuses include:

  • Quick start styling guides for Wavy, Curly, Super Curly/Tight Coiled hair that you can keep by your salon sink while you are learning 

  • A 71-page eBook, written Q&A style for easy reading

  • The 'At-Home Styling Guide' you can use and also to give to your clients

  • A private Facebook community that accompanies this course where you can ask for clarification and learn how to troubleshoot any textured styling problems

  • Bonus documents to help you begin, automate your business and free up precious time 

  • My Client Consultation, Media Consent Forms, Salon Policies, Business Insider Tips, and more

Once you finish this course, you should:


  • Be able to increase your income by charging more for a sought-after service

  • Attract clients eager to pay you for this specialized service of styling and client education

  • Expand your skills and expertise to provide help to an underserved market that is frustrated and searching for a solution. You'll be the expert stylist they've been looking for!

  • Increase your confidence in styling ALL types of naturally-textured hair

  • Once you complete this training, you will view curly hair as an opportunity to improve your income and not something to be nervous about 

  • Your new skills will allow you to fill your calendar because once a curly-haired client finds someone they love, they will sing your praises to anyone who will listen!

  • Learn how to teach clients to style and maintain at home, which will keep your clients coming back for more

"I loved this online course. There is so much information in this course and it's all very well organized and easy to understand. The videos are so helpful and to go back and be able to re-watch them is a huge plus!"

Vicki Black
Stylist at V'S Salon, USA

"For the past 18 years, I have been a Hairstylist, specializing in Naturally Curly textures. I purchased Krista’s Online Course in November 2018. As part of my specialty, I am a teacher to every Guest that sits in my chair. With this course, I have gained additional styling solutions to obstacles that Guests experience at home. Krista’s course provides all the tools needed to achieve your greatest curl potential."

Lauren Kay
Stylist at Lauren Kay Hair - Curls By Nature, USA

"Thank you Krista for offering this course. I have gotten thru 3/4 of the course. I started squishing my own hair & it’s made such a difference. Now I feel like I can confidently share it with my clients. I haven’t ever had this much information on curly hair in all my 35 years in the business. Can’t wait to finish the rest. I am really excited to use what I have learned."

Deneen Hill
Stylist at Bliss Salon of Winnetka, USA

"I am a hairstylist & mother of four girls with curls. My curls I’ve always liked but have never felt full and soft until I decided to take Krista’s online course. Learning the techniques, products and methods has helped my hair feel softer & fuller. I’m very excited to be embracing and still learning with Krista not only for myself but my children and other women who struggle with their curls.

Melissa Antworth
Stylist at Studio 678, Canada

"I have now been a curly girl since Black Friday 2017 and cannot tell you how many people compliment me on my curls!!! As a stylist for 18 years I never really knew much about what to do with curly hair but now I’m not scared of curly clients sitting in my chair! Krista’s course is fantastic for hairstylists to gain the confidence in curls..."

Helen Bowden
Stylist at The Salon At La Villette Hotel, UK

When you buy this course today, you will:


  • Get exclusive exposure in wavy and curly hair that is not available in traditional Cosmetology education or in today’s educational classes

  • Understand the ways you can damage curls

  • Learn about crucial curly hair topics like porosity, density, elasticity, texture, and more

  • Finally, get the answer to how often clients should wash their hair

  • Learn how to discuss the importance of water types with them and what they can do about it

  • Master the various styling techniques used today, including "Squish to Condish”, “The Pick Trick”,  “Plopping" and more

  • Eliminate the guesswork on how to apply curly products and how to choose the right products for each hair type 

  • Learn everything you need to know about removing water

  • Get specialized training on techniques like “finger combing” and the "rake and shake” techniques

  • Understand the how, why and when to use diffusing, volumizing, or clipping techniques

  • Get the techniques for refreshing methods, including for days 2, 3, and 4 hair

  • Learn about the underserved kids' curly niche and how to care for kids' hair

  • Finally, get confident when creating soft, touchable curls 

  • Get the answers to the popular question of how to preserve hair overnight

  • And so much more...there’s too many to list!



Who Am I?

Hi! My name is Krista Leavitt.

Mom, Military Wife, and Curl Specialist are all hats I wear. I love helping women and girls redefine beauty and celebrate their curly hair through courses, in-person styling consultations, and ongoing support in our growing curly community.

I'm known as one of Canada's Leading Curly Hair Specialists and have been a Hair Stylist for 18 years. I've traveled the world to master my craft and have worked exclusively with curly hair since 2013. I've performed thousands of curl specific cuts, styles, and consultations.

My passion and purpose is empowering curly girls to embrace the natural texture. My love for teaching clients is what drove me to create my hands-on masterclass and this online course. I also created a 'Guide To Creating The Best Waves For Hair Stylists™' you may want to check out.

A Course To Help Hair Stylists Build BETTER Businesses

What I have realized after years of working exclusively with curls is that there is actually a whole chapter missing out of cosmetology textbooks, and I have designed the curl-specific education that fills the gap in your traditional training. 

You'll be​ learning straight from me, and my years of experience. I'll share my successes and mistakes. I'll show you how I created a six-figure business working exclusively with natural waves and curls and how you can create your own version of this success.

Initial results from my classes have been inspiring and the responses have me excited about what lies ahead for our Curly Girl community and the stylists who care for their hair.

Whether you are new to this niche or a seasoned professional, you will learn everything you need to know to WOW your wavy/curly hair clients and have them telling everyone about you! 

If you want to expand your skills, overcome your fear of working with curls and up your game, then this online training and the private Facebook community is for you!  


100% Happiness Guarantee

I'm confident you won't find a more comprehensive and easy-to-learn course on the market. 

I will work with you inside my Facebook group discussions for as long as it takes for you to feel comfortable working with all curl types. My guarantee will help develop your confidence level AND help you build your business. Once the course has been purchased and delivered, there are no refunds.

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