Krista Leavitt - Curl Specialist's

Wave & Curl Styling Foundations™

-Mini Course-

$47 CAD 

A step-by-step, no nonsense approach to achieve success in everyday styling for anyone wanting to improve their routine. Great for beginners and those who have been wearing their hair curly for years. 



What if frizz could be a thing of your past?

  • What if you could eliminate flat roots and get more volume and curl definition?

  • Would learning how to keep your curls looking great for multiple days interest you?

  • Does an easy, repeatable, styling routine with predictable results sound appealing?

Formerly Known As 

"Curls With Confidence"

My Wave & Curl Foundations

Course Offers:

A training course with 6 videos ranging 15-30 mins each, a helpful wash day journal.


Access to my private Facebook community where you can learn more, with almost 1000 curly individuals just like you!

Also, ask a curl specialist (me!) questions directly!

Available anytime. Anywhere. On any computer, laptop or mobile device.

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Who Is This Course For?

This course is for any individual of any age who struggles with their wavy, curly, or super curly hair...who finds it unmanageable, out of control, frizzy, dry, and is looking to get answers about their hair once and for all.

What's Included In This Course?

  • 6 Step-By-Step Videos

    Watch as I demonstrate exactly how, to style your hair to get perfect curls, every single time. What styling tools and products to use and when. Lifetime access.  

  • Wash Day Journal

    This is a daily hair care diary that you can print, designed to help you keep track of your routines and document the exact products you use. So that when you get that perfect result, you can easily duplicate it...again and again!  

  • Private Facebook Community

    Join my exclusive curl community on Facebook for extra resources and support. It's a kind, caring group who love to help each other reach their full curl potential.


What Are You Waiting For?

This course will empower you to create your OWN personalized method, choosing from the variety of techniques I share with you inside the course.  

It's an opportunity to invest in yourself in this gift of knowledge that keeps on giving, every time you style your hair.

This course will teach you how to style your curls with confidence for the rest of your life.

You wear your hair every day so you will quickly see the value this course will bring you!


Benefits Of This Course:

  • Learn at your own pace, from the comfort of home

  • Replay the techniques as many times as you need to

  • Lifetime access anywhere, anytime, any device

  • Be supported in your journey with an expert and community of other curly girls

  • You will know exactly how to do your hair using a step-by-step repeatable system

You wear your hair everyday; wouldn't it feel great to love it?

Click this button below to join the hundreds of curly girls who have learned how to love the hair they were born with.

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Here's what Lulu, Ruby, Lynne and Kate have to say:

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Who Am I? 

I'm Krista Leavitt, Canada’s leading Curl Specialist. 

I help women of all ages and curl types discover how to transform their unmanageable, frizzy hair into head-turning waves and curls. 

 I use a step-by-step process that gives wavy and curly girls the power to create a customized styling experience that works for them, day after day at home. 

I am the creator of this 'Wave & Curl Styling Foundations Course™', as well as 'Krista Leavitt - Curl Specialist's Guide to Your Best Waves™' and a new course coming soon specifically for curls!

Lovingly created for curly girls, with the intention of giving the same opportunity that I have shared with many of my clients in my salon.

I want you to love the hair you were born with, stop feeling overwhelmed by the internet advice, and learn all in one place how to work with your beautiful hair.   

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Lindsay Wilson

"This is a very comprehensive course...I thoroughly enjoyed it...Anyone can benefit from this online course, anywhere in the world: stylists and curly clients themselves. For those who struggle, and don't have access to assistance from a stylist, this online course can be a huge help!"

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Amanda Marr

"Krista showed me the gorgeous curly ways I can wear my hair. By following what she taught me, I can now style my hair with confidence. And you can’t put a price on feeling self-confident."

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Lori Horwood

"I never thought I would be able to have gorgeous curls... Krista's wealth of knowledge concerning best curly hair products, drying techniques and how to ‘refresh’ between washes means I can go five days between washes and my hair has never looked so great and been so healthy!”


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